About us, Val & Al

ValAl1We are photographers who live in Glastonbury, Somerset in the UK.  We both love the natural and historic beauty of Somerset and surrounding Counties.  Also, we are very fortunate in having the RSPB nature reserve at Ham Wall and the Natural England reserve at Shapwick Heath right on our doorstep.  Many of our images, in particular the spectacular starling murmurations, which we also film, are taken at these beautiful locations.   A link to a YouTube clip from our Starling Murmurations DVD can be found here:-


We have called our full length DVD  ‘Amazing Somerset Starling Murmurations’.  There are 15 minutes of spectacular murmurations set to original music by Denny Bridges and local bird songs – including a bittern booming!  It is also possible to see a bird of prey – believed to be a peregrine – diving into the flock.  This is the best and longest continuous sequence of murmurations, filmed in a beautiful setting,  that we have ever seen.  

Glastonbury itself features in many ancient legends – King Arthur, The Lady of the Lake, Joseph of Arimathea and The Holy Grail etc – and has some spectacular ancient sites.  The adjacent city of Wells – the smallest city in England – features a magnificent Cathedral and beautiful ancient surrounding buildings.  Again, both Glastonbury and Wells feature in our images.

We display and sell our work at Somerset Crafts on the Avalon Marshes Centre at Shapwick Heath.  If you are planning a visit to Somerset, have a day out on the lovely Natural England nature reserve at Shapwick Heath and the RSPB reserve at Ham Wall and visit  the Centre afterwards.  Here you may buy the beautiful work of local artists and get refreshments.  The work on display at the centre features sculpture, jewellery, ceramics, furniture and wood craft, textiles, mosaics, glass work, paintings, prints and silk paintings and of course a selection of our mounted & framed photographs, cards and our DVD.

Please note: Unfortunately Somerset Crafts Gallery will be closed throughout January 2018 for essential roof work. We look forward to re-opening in February with a freshly decorated look

We have just updated our PDF brochure which illustrates most of our  images. The brochure can be found on our website page ‘View all our photos’,  it may take a while to load.  The images are all number referenced and available to buy or order from Somerset Crafts, Avalon Marshes Centre, Shapwick Rd, Westhay, Somerset BA6 9TT where a selection are on display. Details of how to order photographs directly from us can be found on the front page of the brochure.

Link:  http://somersetcrafts.com/

Link to virtual tour of Somerset Crafts Gallery:


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Val and Al